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Left Wing Vermin


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Sep 16, 2009
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For all the pious ranting about the pasts of BNP members and sanctions against Dutch politicians for blowing the whistle on fanatical Islamism, Labour have been obscenely docile when Irish terrorists come to town.

I regret deaths — but I’d bomb again, Patrick Magee tells Commons - Times Online

Toxic Sinn Fein politicians are welcome into the House of Commons to 'partake' in the British democratic process which they hate so much, ignoring much anger from the Public. Yet for the 'risk' of a BNP MEP touring the Commons on official business, every MEP ends up banned just to make sure Nick Griffin keeps out.

How come, in Left Wing eyes, breaking bread with anti-British terrorists (or at least excusing them in the name of empathy) is fine, yet pro-British, apparently ex-extremists receive record levels of state-sanctioned persecution to keep them at bay? I think the answer's in the question somewhere, particularly when the likes of Gisella Stuart have gone on record in the past as saying that the rise of the BNP correlates with a rise in 'Englishness'.

You don't have to be a swivel-eyed blackshirted fanatic to see an imbalance here. Especially as the most dangerous extremism is that of Labour, because its defiance of the People in its nation-wrecking is allowing all manner of hardcore organisations to flourish.
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