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Leaving...A Little At A Time

So, I went to visit mom last Friday. She's 84...has some health issues; but she's a real energizer bunny girl. McDonald's once a week. Church on Sunday. Out for lunch with a girlfriend every once in a while.

Just for the heck of it, I asked to see her pill box (the Monday-Friday kind). She said, "Oh, I don't use that anymore." What? Mom takes 19 pills a day (by the time she cuts a few in half because they're too big).

I accused her of not taking her pills, rather crossly, and then she just swore she was taking them all. Absolutely!! I laughed and told her she needed a good spanking; she laughed back. I then carefully put her pill box together for the next week...made lunch for her and her BFF...visited a long while and headed home. Friday's "our day."

She's having a CAT scan tomorrow and needs to drink some stuff tonight; so I decided I'd go over and fix it for her...I can tell she's getting confused all of a sudden because she's asked me about what she needs to do at least a half-dozen times in the last few days.

While I was there, I decided to check her pill box. Well, you probably guessed it. Some days she only took half; some days she took all but one group. "I don't LIKE taking all those pills," she said -- petulant -- just like a little girl.

And that's when I realized that mom was slowly leaving...one little footstep at a time.

Sad day today. Just. Sad.


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Jan 25, 2012
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MaggieD, Best wishes for you and your Mom, hopefully she just needs an adjustment in her meds.
Enjoy the time you have with her.
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