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Lawyer Joke


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May 19, 2004
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(not much of a joke teller - but here goes)

There was this guy walking along the beach. He came across a lamp and picked it up. Rubbing it of course to clean it off - *POOF* - out pops this genie.

"Hello, I am a lawyer genie. I will grant you three wishes. Anything you wish for, all the lawyers in the world will get 2 fold. What is your first wish." he said.

"Hem... let's see - how about 1,000,000 dollars?"

"Are you sure? All the lawyers in the world will get 2,000,000!" the genie said.

"Yep, I wish for 1 million dollars" he said.

It was so.

"What is your second wish?" asked the genie.

"I've always wanted a Roles Royce. I wish for a Roles Royce."

"Are you sure? All the lawyers in the world will get 2 of them!" the genie said.

"Yes. I wish for a Roles Royce"

It was so.

"And your third?" again the genie asked.

"I wished I only had 1 kidney"
A guy walks into a bar surrounded by beautiful women and a foot tall midget sitting on his shoulder.

He walks up to the bartender and says, buy all my women a round of drinks.
Bartender lines the drinks on the bar and the guy pulls out a wad of money and hands it to him. The women went to grab their drinks and the midget jumps off the guys shoulder and kicks the drinks off the bar and hops back onto the guys shoulder.

With a puzzled look the bartender asks "what the hell is up with that little guy?"

The guy explains : "I was walking along the beach and I came across a magic lamp, so I picked it up dusted it off and a genie popped out and granted me three wishes.

My first wish was to have all the beautiful women in the world fall in love with me. Bartender says well you have some mighty fine women in here that's not too hard to beleive.

My second wish was to have all the money in the world. Bartender says well those drinks were very expensive so that is not too hard to beleive.

My third wish was to have a twelve inch prick! :rofl
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