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Lauren Chen - What makes a male, Masculine? (1 Viewer)

On February 27th 2019 -

Lauren released an article on her facebook page entitled "Is your Boyfriend effeminate?" She also released a video by the same title, but I'll just be reading the article here.

Roaming Millennial outlines 4 different types of Effeminacy.

FIRST - The Sensual.
Obesity, Alcoholism, Porn Addiction, Gaming Addiction.

Roaming Millennial says that these things indicate a man is effeminate -

Because he lacks self control and is enslaved to immediate pleasures.

SECOND - The Emotional.
A man who compulsively needs to control his woman,

Needs to indulge himself in emotional masturbation, Needs to complain all the time - WOE IS ME!

Roaming Millennial says that these things are effeminate because they indicate not just insecurity, but that a man is letting this dictate his actions.

THIRD - The Intellectual.
A man who is never content with his conclusions.

Or worse, a man who is far too content with his conclusions.

Think of someone who's really into conspiracies OR is a total sheep for his side.

Roaming Millennial says these things are effeminate - Because the man has formed an emotional attachment, to the intellectual - Demonstrating, a lack of self control.

FOURTH - The Volitional
According to Merriam Webster, that term means "The power of choosing and deciding"

Roaming Millennial says that masculinity is about MAKING THE CHOICE to live for others.

Like the quote from Albert Einstein - "Only a life lived for others is a life worth living"

In other words, an effeminate man is self centered likely even VAIN.

Masculinity is all about self control in the pursuit of a higher good.

Its about discipline: so you can accomplish something greater than what's immediately in front of you.

Its about finding happiness in being the master of your domain -

Rather than happiness in hedonism.


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