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Latvian parliament authorizes citizens to fight in Ukraine

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Apr 18, 2013
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Latvian parliament authorizes citizens to fight in Ukraine

Latvia's parliament voted unanimously on Monday to allow its nationals to fight in Ukraine if willing, the parliament said in a statement. "Our citizens who want to support Ukraine and volunteer to serve there to defend Ukraine's independence and our common security must be able to do so," said Juris Rancanis, chairman of the parliamentary defense, home affairs and corruption prevention commission, which drafted the law. Additionally, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly stated that it's up to individual Canadians to decide if they wanted to fight in Ukraine against the Russian invasion, according to The Globe and Mail. "We understand that people of Ukrainian descent want to support their fellow Ukrainians and also that there is a desire to defend the motherland and in that sense it is their own individual decision,” said Joly on Sunday. “Let me be clear: we are all very supportive of any form of support to Ukrainians right now.”

Many from the Baltic States and Poland will volunteer to fight the Russians in Ukraine.

Except for Russia, Canada has the largest Ukrainian expat community in the world. And yes, Americans can also saddle up.....

Here's How Americans Can Sign Up to Fight in Ukraine Against the Russians
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