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Last Tango In Halifax


Hello again!
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Feb 2, 2010
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Granada, España
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I've just been watching a TV show that my sister recommended to me, so I caught it on Project Free TV. It's a BBC mini-series from 2012 called Last Tango In Halifax about two people in their seventies who rediscover a love they lost 60 years previously and about the impact that their renewed love has on their loved ones.

I don't know whether I think it's such a perfect little drama because it's set in my home county, and I recognise so well the kind of characters it portrays, or whether it's because it is such a beautiful, real and believable story about real people. Whatever the case, I just wanted to share the title with anyone who fancies checking it out. It's very funny, very moving (I cried twice in each episode) and very life-affirming with pitch-perfect performances from the cast, headed by Derek Jacobi. I really can't recommend it highly enough. For me, this is just about perfect TV.

Project Free TV :: Last Tango In Halifax :: Season 1
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