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Laid-back ancient skeleton mosaic has sage advice


Aug 11, 2015
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It's the ancient equivalent of "don't worry, be happy."
Turkish archaeologists have unearthed a 2,400-year-old mosaic that features a laid-back skeleton, reclining with a cup next to a bottle of wine and loaf of bread, surrounded by the wise words: "Be cheerful, enjoy your life," according to Turkey's Anadolu news agency.

Laid-back ancient skeleton in Turkey has sage advice - CNN.com

It is really amazing.
It is really amazing.

In what way?

Is the art aesthetically pleasing far beyond the time period it was created? Is the method of the creation unique? Does the message itself stand out from the time period?

There answer to all of this is no, it is incredibly mundane but still a great find.
The only way in which the finding is amazing is how it serves as a solemn reminder that not much has changed despite the splendor and grandeur all around us, that indolence and intemperance disguised as a blessing is an ancient euphemism.
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