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Ladies -- would you stand by your man?


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Mar 25, 2010
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If your guy was acting Anthony Weiner-ish ... would you stay?
If your guy was acting Anthony Weiner-ish ... would you stay?

Nope. When someone shows you who they are....believe them.
I agree with this. I refuse to be a doormat.

Good policy. Some will mistake that for being a b*tch but those are not the people you want in your life anyway.
No. Dishonesty like that is a deal breaker, because I make it SO easy for men to be honest with me. I'm not attached to standard relationship models. I don't expect them to stop being sexual creatures just because they're with me. It is SO EASY for a guy to talk to me. So going behind my back is just pure idiocy.

But then there's the fact that he was going after underage girls. Ew. There's something kind of wrong with that and it squicks me out. No. Just no.
If I caught a chick doing this to me, it would be "ditch the bitch".

Can't imagine why the opposite sex would feel any differently.
Just out of curiosity, why are you only asking women?

I wouldn't stay if my wife did what he did i.e., get caught, get help, promise to behave, and continued with the behavior. No, I would not.
If I did something like this, first, I'd be picking up my clothes in front of the house, and if I even got the chance to ask her to go up there with me, her response would be a fist with the exception of one finger ... please ...

Gone on the first round, I wouldn't be staying for the second.
:lol: I can't imagine anyone I know putting up with something this embarrassing. I'm stunned that this supposedly proud woman would stand for it.

Perhaps once you are publicly humiliated by your husband showing his wiener to strange women on the internet...the second time must be a lot easier to swallow.
I wouldn't even do what she initially did and give him a second chance, let alone a third. His behavior was juvenile and disrespectful and I would have lost all respect for him. Once that's gone, everything else is gone. It's over for good. I need to be able to look up at the man I love and be proud of who he is. I need to be able to admire him as a person. If I look up and see a stupid child, I'm gone in a NY minute.

My response is based on the assumption that she had no idea what he was up to. I mean, who knows, maybe she knew and they have that kind of open relationship. :shrug:
If your guy was acting Anthony Weiner-ish ... would you stay?

Ferk ner. Ehr'd dermp his ehrs lerk a tern of berks.
I hate this kind of hypothetical. It's like the "if I had the cure for cancer I'd give it away to everyone" or "if I won the lottery I'd donate most/all of it to charity".

There's a difference between knowing the right answer and doing the right thing. Anyone can be strong in a scenario.
As long as you can still be a shower toy, I'll be around.

I'm a little more than a toy. My name isn't rubber duckie.
My wife would beat me like a red-headed step-child if I tried to pull that ****. She'd be standing over me with a bat, not standing by me.
she has a child ,l try to understand her.
More of a reason to get the hell away.

l dont like talking big on such family issues

she is the one who knows the best for herself and the family
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