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Korimyr the Rat -- Baby Eating Monster

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Korimyr the Rat

Baby Eating Monster
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Feb 1, 2006
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Hello, my name is Viktyr. I am a 32-year-old writer and game designer living in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Morally, I subscribe to the principles of my faith, the Nine Noble Virtues of Ásatrú: Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness, and Perseverance. I believe that these virtues represent the heart of honest, wholesome morality; a society that encourages these, like a person who strives for them, will surely prosper.

Politically, I believe in a strong State governed by these moral principles to promote the health and growth of all of its citizens. I believe that said cultivation of morality is the only way that the populace can enjoy long-term prosperity, liberty, and security; an immoral State with immoral People is doomed to irrelevance, or worse, extinction.

I believe that within a whole and healthy nation, there is neither division nor distrust between the People and the State. I believe that the State exists as an expression of the will of the People, to serve and protect the people, and I believe that every lawful and loyal citizen is a representative and agent of the State. I believe that every individual and organization within the nation-- Citizen, State, and Corporation alike-- has a solemn moral obligation to pursue the well-being of the nation.

I believe in the future. I believe that any good government must concern itself with the future of the people above all else. It must be forward-thinking, with a singular focus on improving the lives of the people over time. I am a futurist, and I want my children and grandchildren to be better people than I am, and for them to live in a better world than I do-- and hopefully, eventually, a world that is not Earth.

I believe that it is natural and desirable for individuals and nations to come into conflict, and that it is natural and desirable for the strong to rule over the weak. I believe that this cycle of conflict, oppression, and liberation drives the process by which the human species and human societies evolve, and that a nation that goes too long without a threat to its very survival grows decadent and weak. I believe that the "world peace" sought by liberals and internationalists would be a global disaster, leading to the stagnation, decay, and death of our very species.

A short description of my stances:
  • Prolonged adolescence promotes decadence and irresponsibility. The age of majority should be consistent for every adult privilege, and that age should be lowered to fifteen.
  • Every adult citizen has the duty to protect the nation. Every man and woman, upon achieving adulthood, should be trained in the basics of combat and issued a rifle and a sidearm.
  • The decision of when and how to have children is every family's prerogative and the government has no legitimate role in it. In particular, the right of women to abort is sacred and must be upheld; men should be allowed to refuse paternity.
  • Our military must remain the most powerful and technically advanced on Earth, and service in the military must be encouraged and honored.
  • Our borders should be closed and guarded. Immigrants should be welcomed, but only if they are willing to participate in our legal immigration process and pursue American citizenship.
  • Government should take an active role in regulating large corporations. The pursuit of profit is noble and admirable, but that profit must not come at the expense of the nation.
  • The role of the criminal justice system is to maintain order. Longer prison sentences and harsher conditions do not accomplish this. Prisons and prison sentences should be replaced with lower security reeducation camps, corporal punishment, and for heinous and/or habitual criminals, death sentences.
  • The tax code should be simpler and more difficult to evade. Taxes should be higher on the wealthy.
  • Welfare programs should be more limited, and they should be focused on working families and helping the unemployed become self-sufficient.
  • Affordable healthcare must be provided for every citizen, focusing on preventative medicine and treating curable or manageable illnesses. The dying should be allowed to die in comfort and in peace, and in their own homes.
  • We must do more to promote marriage. Homosexuals must be allowed to marry. Adoption must be restricted to married couples. The government benefits for marriage must be deepened. No-fault divorce must be abolished, and marriage counseling should be mandatory before divorce is granted in cases that do not involve violence or the threat of violence.
  • Eugenics is still a valid idea, despite the mistakes made by earlier eugenicists. Racist pseudoscience must be discarded, and the best eugenics is voluntary eugenics. Abortion must remain legal, and should be subsidized for single mothers and the unhealthy. Children with birth defects and genetic deficiencies should be euthanized with parental consent. Healthy, married parents raising children should be given a tax credit for each healthy child.
  • Criticism of government policies should not only be allowed, but encouraged, as long as the criticism is constructive. The free distribution of information must be embraced and promoted.
  • The education system must be overhauled. Children must be trained to become productive and loyal citizens, and encouraged to strive for their greatest potential.
  • Alternative, sustainable energy sources must be developed. Our dependence upon limited supplies of oil and coal must be broken, and we must pursue renewable fuels that do not compete with our food supply.
  • The exploration of space must become a national priority, with both government programs and subsidies for private businesses to encourage development. We must learn to exploit extraterrestrial resources, and our eventual goal must be the expansion of our species and our culture beyond the confines of a single planet.
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