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Koffi and Kojo - Still No Charges!


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Dec 14, 2005
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The oil-For-Food Scandal revealed that Russia, China, and France, for starters, were engaged with Black marketing, on-going for 12 years, with Saddam Hussein during which time they privately broke every economic canction that they passed in public before the world in order to make a huge personal profit.

The scandal investigation revealed that French President Jacques Chirac was personally involved, making millions himself in the scandal.

The scandal revealed that Koffi Annon knew and was involved in the Black Marketing, giving contracts to a company for whom his son, Kojo, worked!

Yet, after all this time, NO PUNISHMENT has been meted out! Jacques Chirac is still free. Koffi Anon is STILL free and STILL running the highly corrupt U.N. Kojo is still free and enjoying the huge sum he made on 'winning' the contract for his company!

WHERE is the JUSTICE? WHY is Koffi still in charge of U.N.?

Paul Volker was a Fox put in charge of protecting the Hen House - it was discovered that he was still getting a pay check from a bank he was supposed to be investigating because he still worked for them. OF COURSE they were found innocent of all charges. Voker's assistant quite and said they had discovered enough evidence to charge Koffi with but that Volker would not allow the evidence to be used!

What the...? Meanshile, the leader of Iran says the Muslim equivalent of the Messiah is coming backin 2 years and must be ushered in by Armagedon...and, oh by the way, Israel needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.....Oh by the way, a world without Israel and the U.S., according to Iran's President, is possible.....and oh by the way, Iran's President say they can possibly have a nuke in just over a year to a year and a half!

And we are gonna trust the U.N. to deal with Iran? What........like they did with Iraq/Hussein? :shock:
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