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"King-torpedo" and plan Sakharov. ( Сold war) (1 Viewer)


Jul 6, 2013
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At the height of the Cold War, August 12, 1953 have been produced successfully tested the new Soviet weapons of terrible destructive force - a thermonuclear bomb. One of the creators of the bomb, the newly elected member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the 32-year-old Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov suggested as a "means of delivery" to use the developed nuclear submarines of project 627, equipping each of them a giant torpedo under the 100-megaton thermonuclear charge (approximately 6000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima). As conceived by the young academician exploding the U.S. coast ocean, these torpedoes were to cause a tsunami of unprecedented power, the height of 300 meters, which would be simply washed off American cities, causing irreparable damage to the United States ...Began planning the development, "King-torpedo" received code T-15. Leaders of the Navy of the USSR opposed the "cannibalistic" of the weapon, but the torpedo T-15 came as a preliminary design (1953), and in the technical design of 627 (1954). According to the draft, a huge torpedo weighed 40 tons, had a length of 23.55 meters and a 1550 mm gauge. Continuing objections Navy leadership to take effect in 1955, when a technical project 627 was amended: ammunition submarine torpedoes of 20, eight of them - 533-mm torpedo T-5, carrying tactical nuclear weapons. After that, work on the T-15 torpedo was stopped ...
Sakharov himself remembered it this way:
"After the test, the" big" product I was concerned that it is not a good carrier (bombers do not count, they are easy to knock down) - that is, in a military sense, we have been working for nothing. I decided that such a vehicle can be a big torpedo launched from a submarine ...
One of the first people I have discussed this project was Rear Admiral F. Fomin (in the past - military commander, it seems, the Hero of the Soviet Union).
He was shocked by the "cannibal" nature of the project, said in a conversation with me that sailors used to fighting with an armed enemy in the open field and that it is disgusting the thought of such a massacre "
Battle Admiral Peter Fomin knew the horror of the human carnage in front of him to terminate the lives of human life, he saw the terrible features of the war and did not wish the death of anyone, especially since it was against the mass destruction of people, scientist Andrei Sakharov no felt the horror of war, and that is why it easy to create a plan (possibly - successful) victory over the enemy, the implementation of which would inevitably attracted a huge number of mass killings of any innocent people ...
Chief designer SPMBM "Malachite" A. Shmakov recalls:
"Our first nuclear submarine was supposed to deliver to U.S. shores one single torpedo-monster - the T-15. It was a car length of 25 meters and a diameter of more than 1.5 meters. As used nuclear warhead charge. According to the plan, the boat was supposed to deliver the weapons bay in some American cities such as New York City. Its explosion would have caused a tsunami, which also destroyed it.
The most curious thing is that the author of this project was Andrei Sakharov. The man, who later became a prominent humanist XX century. But then on Humanism and the speech was not. The country was a real danger of a nuclear war with the United States . However, then the idea of ​​a torpedo-monster refused - its "cannibalistic nature" did not like sailors. Sakharov proposed the creation of n-th number of 100-megaton bombs, place them along the west and east coasts of the United States in the ocean - the Atlantic and the Pacific, and if the Americans zateyut war - blow - wave rises of 40-60 meters, and - wash away the United States."«
Russian has always denied such placing torpedoes. But what really is? What do you think?


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