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King George's reign of terror countdown


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Jan 30, 2006
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Los Angeles
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I am very happy to announce that there are only 661 more days until King George's reign of terror is over. The man who has financially and morally bankrupted our country will leave office on that date.

Personally, I don't care if its a Democrat, Republican, or other, as long as the next President is not someone associated with administration. Anything else would be an improvement.

Hopefully, we can find a LEADER, someone who will get this economy moving, will rescue the middle class, will repair our ties with our once friendly allies, will recognize that the country needs to be brought back together, will recognize that this cannot be done by catering to every whim of the radical right wing. Will clean up the mess that king george and his imperialistic cronies (Rove/Rumsfield/Cheney) have wrought on our soldiers.

All I can say is these 661 days cannot come too soon. God help the USA.
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