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Kim Rhode earns SIXTH Olympic team cap


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Oct 12, 2005
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Kim Rhode-who as a teenager in 1996 upset several higher ranked shooters to win the women's Double Trap event, has earned a sixth Olympic team cap with her performance in the recent US Olympic shooting trials in Arkansas. Rhode is the defending women's Skeet champion-a shooting sport she now practices exclusively after women's double trap was dropped from the Olympics a couple games ago. Kim has won a medal at

Atlanta 1996

Sydney 2000

Athens 2004

Beijing 2008

and then Skeet Gold in 2012

while her world champion team mate Morgan Craft might be the favorite in Rio, Kim is clearly one of the medal contenders. I don't believe any other American athlete as medaled at FIVE games in a row, and Kim now has a chance of doing it in six
She was 16 when she earned her first olympic gold? Damn!!!
She was 16 when she earned her first olympic gold? Damn!!!

yep, upset one of my good friends, then SSGT Theresa Wentzel, USAMU (Now Theresa DeWitt, USA retired) and two other really good shooters. Kim isn't the most talented shooter I have met. Not even in the top 25%. But she works incredibly hard and for 20+ years has shot thousands of targets a week.
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