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Khudaiberdy Orazov new Turkmenian leader with Ukrainian ID



After the information on preparations for attempt on Turkmenian President Niyasov started to appear in the Internet, I recalled an incurious shot I digged out in one of my archive files. That's a snapshot of a Ukrainian ID


Here you can see a man on the photo and his name given in the lines. However, it's not him. I recognized him as a known Turkmen nonconformist KHUDAIBERDY ORAZOV. I recalled him at once because not long ago I was making an appointment with him for an interview (now he is living in some Scandinavian country). I remember I only grinned when I saw this shot and saved it without thinking.

Now this shot seems to open my eyes to lately events in Turkmenistan. I thought, "Can it be that this man Khudaiberdy Orazov is to head Turkmenistan after overthrow of the Niyasov dictatorship!?" Indeed, and he needs that Ukrainian ID to go to his home country. Ukraine itself has just got rid of its dictator Kuchma and is willing to lend all possible assistance to other states' revolutionists. On the other hand, Orazov may have this ID as a pledge of Ukrainian authorities to give him political asylum in case he fails.

By the way, just the same I saw several other snapshots of Ukrainian IDs of some other Turkmen nonconformists and persecuted political leaders displeased with Niyazov. For example, his former executive officer Saparov.

Don't you think all that symbolizes continuity of democratic developments on the territory of former Soviet Union which can't but please!? It remains only to wish good luck to Sirs Orazov and Saparov as well as Mr. Yushchenko and fascinating Mrs. Timoshenko in their heavy task of upbringing democracy and liberty!
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