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Kerry hints White House run in his future


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Source: Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AFP) - [size=-1] Defeated Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) has dropped hints he may run for president in 2008, as glum party officials debated the way forward after last week's Republican sweep of elections for the White House and US Congress.

[size=-1] "Sometimes God tests you," an aide to the Massachusetts senator quoted Kerry as telling friends and supporters, the Washington Post reported. "I'm a fighter and I've come back before."
No beard and gloating for months on end?

Well thats no fun...
Of course he may try to run again. Henry Clay tried a bunch of times too, same with McCain. I am disappointed that Barack Obama isn't running in '08. Some people seem to think that he isn't "ready." He would have my vote next election.
No, he stated he won't run. I can't find the article, but he said he wasn't going to.
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