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Dec 29, 2004
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Seattle, WA
Greetings everyone,

I’ve spent my entire life living in what are now considered blue states (Michigan, Oregon, and now Washington), but my formative years were spent in rural and politically conservative southwest Michigan living amongst farmers and blue collar workers. I went to college and was “all liberaled up” (as my dear old Dad says). Since then I’ve been island hopping in the urban archipelago; living in Kalamazoo (MI), Eugene (OR), and now Seattle (WA).

My mother grew up under Hitler in Germany, and my wife grew up under Franco in Spain. Considering those influences you would be correct if you guessed, I have no love for anything that even hints at fascism. At the same time, I’m not fool enough to believe that the other end of the political spectrum (i.e, communism) offers much to value. IMHO, the Promised Land lies in striking a delicate balance between capitalism’s ability to generate wealth and socialism’s ability to distribute it.

I am looking forward to some lively and intelligent debates.

Welcome to Debate Politics.


I am looking forward to some lively and intelligent debates.
Hopefully, you have found the best place for them.

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