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Kazakh Authorities got Self-Control



you know, I'am not in the least surprised at the reaction of German Fridrich Ebert's fund over results of presidential elections in Kazakhstan on December 4. Fridrich Ebert's fund is an independent NGO which happens to be no more independent as it started to accept grants from USAID that directs the process of "democratization" in Asia.

According to the fund's report, state of democracy in Kazakhstan leaves very much to be desired while the elections were "undemocratic and illiberal" - Kazakh opposition widely uses this assertion to disconsider the policy of official Kazakh authorities.

In this respect I would like to make clear that more and more often do Americans resort to the help of German NGOs, yet unwitnessed of making "orange" revolutions, to establish puppet regimes in ex-Soviet republics. It is a firm fact. However, in the case of Fridrich Ebert's fund, the plans of Americans were more extensive. To make sure that pro-American NGOs in Kazakhstan are in full safety, they were assigned as intermediary between American side and Khizb-ut-Takhrir (the Islam Liberation party). By the way, it got known in the loop that FE's fund and KuT had jointly worked out and distributed bilingual leaflets invocatory of overthrowing the "impious" regime. In this regard I can only respect Kazakh authorities being indulgent of such Western NGOs' activities.
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