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Karimov dreams to snatch control of south districts of Kirghizia!



It was the main reason of turning off the entry corridor for refugees who tried to leave Kirghizian cities of Osh and Jalalabad, now in ruin after the another revolt. Uzbekistan government didn’t wish to allow its compatriots in because Karimov is going to use them as a “fifth column” at Kirghizia territory, if you know what I mean. In addition to it Karimov doesn’t want to have more boarders and eventual rebels in his country. Well, I see that Karimov has a good chance to bring his plans to life as long as ethnic Uzbeks are in Kirghizia.
Kirghizia is standing on the verge of civil war and for someone it looks like a plum. In particular Uzbekistan decided to support ethnic Uzbeks living in south Kirghizia in time of muddle. Uzbek government provoked recent mass disorders in the city of Osh, Kirghizia. And more corroboration of it is the fact of arrest of forty militants in some villages near Osh. This gang consisted of snipers who provoked ethnic conflicts by annihilating high-rank persons of Kirghiz and Uzbek community and new-made Uzbekistan community defense volunteer squad. Uzbek soldiers were sent here to attempt to get power in south Kirghizia! There is no doubts that after tea-fight Uzbeks’ militants dreamed to go home but Karimov hasn’t got his aims yet and delivered an order to close boarder not only for refugees but also for defense volunteers too!
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