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Karabakh conflict



My greets to all of you! Two weeks ago at last I had an occasion to visit Nagorno-Karabakh region again - last time I was there in 1996 (God, it was almost 14 years ago). In fact, I’m Armenian myself and live in Armenia working here for little publishing company. I’m photographer. Here I’ve decided to share my impressions from the trip. Surely, I’ve got lots of impressions - many things have changed since I was there in ‘96, but I’m not going to tell you about nature, culture etc. Considering the forum’s content I want to raise the problem of NKR, the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, again.
For those who know little about the situation around Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, fundamentally I recommend to read something about it. Search Nagorno Karabakh conflict or NK regional disputes. There is a lot of information on the issue. Or try wiki at least.
During my visit to NKR I’ve talked to many locals, heard dozens opinions. Generally, people are afraid of possible military measures and much concerned about new Azerbaijan’s military doctrine. Besides, they say, that the Azerbaijani tough stance on NKR is supported by the authorities of Georgia, which certainly have there interests in conflict and won’t welcome settling it down for the good of Armenia as in this case Mr. Saakashvili will lose his significant income he gets for transit of Caspian recourses to Europe. You see, Georgia seriously interferes with finding the solution to the conflict and all the attempts to solve it peacefully.
Welcome Mikael,
Thank you for the info, it is the first time I ever heard of this conflict.
Unfortunatly in this forum you won't get much response unless you'll blame Israel for this conflict ;)
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