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I barely caught the game. I had it on mute, preoccupied. I mostly gauged by the neighbors’ cheers and passing horns. I didn’t see any tv news of the riot, but then happened upon this clip.

Footage Vancouver Riot 2011 (7:25)

So? Just another example of the cognitive defect I’ve hinted at before. I’m as glad to live amongst them as you are to live amongst yours. We still have intellectual crowds up here. I’m only un-amused, slightly embarrassed as a Vancouverite, a Canadian, but mostly as a human f**king being.

However, I know I’m a lesser person with fewer brain cells, merely from videotronic osmosis, never mind sharing the same air, and that I should punch myself in the balls as the pusillagnanimous douchebag I am for not having the decency to kill myself after watching it… Tough call. Who would I have to nag at, if you all did the decent thing…? That’s too deep for a Wednesday evening…

On the whole though, I’m glad Canadians came out to show you that we have munchkin dust up here too. I can use this entry as proof that we can take off our snowshoes for at least 7:25 a year as well. Mainly, I’m logging this one so nobody can say I’m biased on my own countrymunchkins, while I fulfill my self-imposed multi-tasking requirements.

Very productive entry indeed, thank-you Canada.



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Much obliged, it was a riot putting this one together... :ssst:

(Wah, wah) :tomatofac

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