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Kabanos or cabanossi or kabana sausage - who likes it?


Sweet Gewürztraminer
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Aug 10, 2019
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Kabanos (/kəˈbænəs/; plural: kabanosy), also known as cabanossi or kabana, is a long, thin, dry sausage usually made of pork which originated in Poland. They are smoky in flavor, and can be soft or very dry in texture depending on freshness. Typically, they are quite long, 60 cm (24 in), but very thin, with a diameter around 1 cm (0.39 in), and folded in two, giving them a characteristic appearance. Versions made of chicken and turkey are staples in kosher meat markets and delicatessens.

Kabanos - Wikipedia

I like it!

The drier version is like jerky. Great for hiking/camping/snacking. The Polish side of my family had a "smokehouse" (more like a hut) on Long Island and would make this stuff. Still, homemade kielbasa is the best. I don't recognize store-bought as kielbasa.
I don't eat pig.
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