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Justin Bieber gets nailed by flying water bottle during concert

Agent Ferris

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Mar 22, 2009
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So he might be annoying, but he so didn't deserve that. :(
The person that threw that is my hero. Honestly Bieber is up there with the Jonas Brothers on people I want to murder.
My students talk about him NON. STOP. UGH. :doh
Ouch... my beaver felt that. :2razz:
Maybe the shock of it all caused his balls to finally drop.
Let's hope the thrower passed the water through their bladder first.
I can watch that in a continious loop all day, "I love you guys..DINK" <<> "ve you guys..DINK,"<<>"uys..DINK"<<> "uys..DINK","<<>"uys..DINK","<<>"uys..DINK","<<>"uys..DINK","<<>"uys..DINK","<<>"uys..DINK"∞

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