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Justices stay out of debate over gays (1 Viewer)


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Source: Yahoo News

[size=-1] The Supreme Court declined to step into the nationwide debate over same-sex marriages Monday, refusing to hear a challenge to the only state law that sanctions such unions.
[size=-1] The court's decision leaves in place a ruling by Massachusetts' highest court, which said in November 2003 that the state's constitution required officials to license gay unions. Since then, about 3,000 gay and lesbian couples have been married in Massachusetts, fueling a national debate over gay rights and the institution of marriage.[/size]

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[size=-1] The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Robert Largess of Boston, vice president of the Catholic Action League, and 11 Massachusetts lawmakers. They said the state court exceeded its authority and violated the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of a "republican" form of government in each state. The Supreme Court, as is its custom, did not explain its decision not to hear the case. A U.S. appeals court that rejected the Largess appeal said the Constitution applies only to "real threats" to government and that gay marriages did not amount to one.[/size]

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[size=-1] Gay rights groups and other backers of same-sex marriage called the Supreme Court's move a victory. But opponents, including religious and social traditionalists, said they will continue to fight such unions in courts and state legislatures, and at the ballot box.

So... are they just laying low and trying to stay out of the issue or do they really think that gay marriage is constitutional?
The constitution should apply to anything, any time! Gay marrage is between a man and a woman. :eek:
I think the message the Supreme Court is saying is, "Marriage is a state's issue." Every state should either put in place gay marriage or union laws, or ban it, based on what the people of that state want.

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