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Just Can't Find Good Info...

Good information is hard to come by.

It's almost like there is an embargo on information. As if good information is blocked from entering the nation. But you cannot block i all as some goes through the underground.

For that, there is saturation. The internet is an example. You can literally chose from millions of sources to get your information. That's a good thing and a bad thing. There is so many sources that people want something solid and consistent. They don't like moving between one view and another and making a decision based on investigating the facts. Many people claim to but in reality, if they even attempt to do so, it is more with an air of entering enemy territory and laying waste to as many structured arguments as possible before beating a hasty retreat; grudgingly giving ground if they have to, but always reinforcing their position.

It is not that good information is unavailable, but that it takes a back seat to the very few sources of information that speak from a tower or raised platform. Things like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and all of those mainstream media sources get the most views because they are the most known. Despite having all these other sources of information, people will go to these for a reference. Just like there are many people in the nation, it is the president who gets his voice heard the most because he is raised above the rest.

Perception is reality and since you cannot perceive what goes on beyond your immediate area, what someone tells you is reality. And simply because there seems to be a debate between two or more ideas doesn't mean that either are correct. Both, all, can be misleading.

Currently wanting to know more about three things

* the world economic situation...because I don't think there is such a thing as just the 'national economic situation'
* the middle eastern situation...most people signify this as either a good vs evil struggle or just "those people" are always messed up and always will be. there seems to be so much that is unsaid here. These people were masters of the world once.
* the american situation...what is going on here? how can i get a clearer look without all this...noise?

I can only hope to remain clear of the same things I accuse other people of but I know I've already failed.

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