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Julia Gillard Comtinues Labor slide into electoral oblivion.


Oct 20, 2011
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Male support for PM crashes
The poll coincides with the final sittings of the 43rd Parliament and shows that at 29 per cent, Labor's primary support has slipped below the 30 per cent barrier for only the second time this year. With the Coalition attracting 47 per cent of first-preference votes, Labor trails by a staggering 18 points on primary votes, putting the overall two party-preferred vote at 43-57 in favour of the Coalition or 42-58 based on how the 1400 respondents said they would allocate preferences.
If reflected at the election, that would mean a 7 per cent swing to the Coalition on the 50-50 hung Parliament result of 2010, and mean the loss of 30 or more seats, virtually halving Labor's representation now.

Julia Gillard again attempted to play gender politics again today that kinda worked thanks to the idocracy of a certain shock jock. However her popularity is tanking, again. I dislike Mr Abott immensely, however the actions and incompetence of Ms Gillard and cronies have done more to ensure his Prime Ministership is assured but a lengthy one. Now those who knifed a sitting Prime Minister are talking of replacing her with the one whom she replaced. Twice they denied and denigrated Mr Rudd. Now at this late hour there are talks to return to him, do they have any idea?

What a disgrace? Ms Gillard abandoning her base in endless pursuit of a metoo game with Mr Abbott have ensured that she will be placed as worst PM since World War 2. If Mr Rudd was perhaps authoritarian in his approach to governance, Julia Gillard appears to be a leader that lacks convictions, is power hungry and flimsy. Whilst the Whitlam years are controversial, he created and inspired some of the most important conserstones of our society today. What will Ms Gillard's legacy be? Most of her popular policies are leftover from the Rudd Years.
BTW, for youse who ain't ocker. My avatar is of the opposition leader, Mr Abbott. I dislike Mr Abbot almost as much as Apacheret hates Obama.
I loathe Juliar with a passion. She has set the cause of women back 50 years...having seen a woman Prime Minister in action, Australians are not going to want another woman to lead Australia for decades to come. Swan....shudder....what a bloody goose!
I like Abbott and I am just waiting for the election because I want him to be PM, however, I never underestimate the stupidity of large groups of people, and will not believe that the Labor Party will lose the election unless I see it unfold before my eyes. For some reason that escapes me, I mean I really, really, really don't understand why anyone would vote Labor after the Juliar/Swan/Rudd years, I know there are some easily manipulated silly people who vote, and, apparently, Swan and Juliar have a nice little bribery fund stashed away to offer goodies just before the election and that will rake in the votes for them. Is Abbott perfect? Nope, but believe me, there is no one I could name on either side of Parliament who could do the job better.
What I really want to see, even more than Labor lose big time, is to see the Greens annhilated. I want the Greens to be wiped from Parliament for ever, to never be a viable force again, especially that smug b**** Hanson-Young. As for Rudd, lol, how could anyone vote for him? He is a workplace bully, a smarmy used-car salesman and an arsehole to boot.
Please, please, please, let the Liberal Party win government and begin the long battle to get Australia on the right path again.
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