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John Bolton says Trump wouldn't have stood in Putin's way if a Russian invasion of Ukraine had happened during his term

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Apr 18, 2013
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John Bolton says Trump wouldn't have stood in Putin's way if a Russian invasion of Ukraine had happened during his term


John Bolton, the US' former national security advisor, said his ex-boss, former President Donald Trump, would not have stood in Putin's way if a Russian invasion of Ukraine had happened when he was in office. "Well, I'm not sure he would have done much of anything, frankly," Bolton said in an interview with Vice published March 1, responding to a question about what Trump might have done had Russia attacked Ukraine while he was president. "But you never know with Trump. It depends on what time of day it is, it depends on what he thought his political benefit would be at any given moment. I don't think ultimately he would have stood in Putin's way," Bolton told Vice. Bolton said he thought Trump's glorification of Putin was "embarrassing for the United States." He also said that he did not think that Trump cared about Ukraine in the first place. "It's hard for me to describe how little he knows," Bolton said in the interview with Vice.

"When you're operating on such a poor understanding of the circumstances you're talking about, ultimately, your opinions have to be totally unsound," Bolton added. "And ultimately reality triumphs, and these opinions are seen for the flimsy and twisted thoughts that they really are." In the same interview, Bolton criticized Trump for his lack of understanding of "what the stakes were in Ukraine." "He once asked (then-White House Chief of Staff) John Kelly if Finland was part of Russia. What he cared about was the DNC server, and Hunter Biden, and the 2016 election, and the 2020 election," Bolton said. Bolton said in an interview on Newsmax this week, that Trump "barely knew where Ukraine was," pushing back on Newsmax host Rob Schmitt's assertion that Trump, as president, would have handled Russia better than Biden.

Trump could not have cared less what happened to Ukraine. All Trump was interested in was pressuring and extorting Ukraine to find dirt on Hunter Biden.
The majority of Americans know this without the coward Bolton stating it. Of course 30% of Americans, the Gullible Ones, are convinced Trump did and would stand up to Putin.

They still say that Trump was tough on Putin when the facts are he opposed the sanctions and wanted them watered down to nothing. They have the facts, but won't go against their cult leader Trump, their golden oracle.
Of course not.

We're talking about the guy who spent his entire time in office praising Putin and blatantly tried to extort the Ukrainians into "finding" dirt on his political opponents.
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