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Joel Stein

Are you offended by Joel Stein's article saying he doesn't support our troops?

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Jul 20, 2005
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Here's the article, if you haven't read it by now:

My question is this: Are you offended by what he wrote? This question is specifically directed at conservatives who claim you can't support the troops without supporting their mission, but anyone is welcome to answer.

It seems to me that if you claim his article was incredibly offensive and over-the-line, it's a tacit admission that you DO recognize a difference between supporting the troops and supporting their mission. After all, lots of people have written editorials opposing the war in Iraq, but few have generated the kind of firestorm that Joel Stein has.

I am unoffended by this article but I bet our troops are. Though I doapplaud him for atleast being honest even if I don't agree with what he says.
I'm not offended in the least, not even as a prior troop who does not support the reasons why we're in Iraq.

See, that's the distinction that many people fail to recognize - you CAN support the troops, and hope that they succeed in their mission, without supporting the reasons as to why they are there. I've been doing it for years, and you all know that I've sent various family members over there multiple times, so I really do know what I'm talking about - and anyone that wants to try and say that I didn't support myself, or my family members, simply because I don't support the reasoning behind Iraq, is full of crap.....lots of other things I could say in regards to that, but I'll refrain.

That being said, I'm not offended because Mr. Stein was simply expressing his opinion. He wasn't trying to pass it off as indisputable fact - it is merely his opinion, and he is entitled to it. Yes, I realize that sounds contradictory to the above paragraph, but then again, Mr. Stein does not know me or my family; and he has not tried to level that opinion to my face. I can guarantee he'd get a good debate if he ever did, though. :mrgreen:
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