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Jello Biafra


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Aug 23, 2005
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South Shore of Long Island.
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Has anyone ever heard of this man? He was in a political punk band (I mentioned in my introduction thread how punk music has somewhat influenced my politics. This is one example) called 'The Dead Kennedys' and he was very liberal, of course. He actually runs for the Green Party every year but loses. He ran for governor of California awhile ago (while the other canidates attacked each other, he went and mowed their front lawns.. true story) and got 30 percent of the vote. I'm just curious if anyones ever heard of him because I think he is a great thinker (not to mention funny).
Whatever it's worth...I'd never heard of the man, before. So, I looked him up on Wikipedia and I've come to the conclusion...He seems like a bloke you wouldn't mind going down the pub with...but you wouldn't feel safe leaving your pint of lager, with him around, if you went to the toilet.
Haha I know what you mean. He does seem a right bastard but he's very smart also and I like him. Republicans have so many radio propagandists so maybe the Green Party could have one also? I like him a lot actually.

IF you guys want to read about him, here is his biography on wikipedia
I love DK been a fan for a long time, have you heard of his other band called Lard? Jello is one funny guy with a lot of political views that I don't always agree with but he uses them to make great music. I especially like his remake of viva las vegas, now thats funny stuff.
Check out Lard he did some crazy stuff with them, a little less punk and little more experimental.
I've been within a couple feet of him. Does that count?

If you like the D.K.s, you might want to check out Flipper -- another American punk band from the same era.
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