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It's official Bush blamed for the Mine tragedy, pay up people!

Trajan Octavian Titus

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Aug 17, 2005
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We can't stop here this is bat country!
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You people didn't believe me I called it on Monday that somehow Bush would get blamed for the mine disaster by the end of the week, you libs belittled me and said that would be preposterous how's that foot taste:

Lawmakers Call For Immediate Congressional Hearings into Mine Safety to Help Prevent Another Tragedy

Say Congress Has Abdicated its Oversight Responsibilities on Worker Safety Issues, While Bush Administration has Filled Worker Safety Agencies with Industry Insiders

Since Mr. Lauriski resigned his position in November 2004, the agency has been operating under an acting administrator. The President did not nominate a replacement for Mr. Lauriski until September 2005. That replacement has yet to take his seat.

With mining company officials at the helm of MSHA, the agency’s focus has clearly shifted away from protecting miners. A 2005 report by the AFL-CIO found that “at MSHA, 17 standards to improve safety and health for miners have been withdrawn since President Bush took office, including the Air Quality, Chemical Substances and Respiratory standards…For the most part at MSHA, those standards that have been proposed during the Bush Administration favor industry by moving to roll back existing protections. There are no pending standards to protect miners from hazards on their job.”

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