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It's been fun folks... See you on Election Day 2012

Though I enjoy the banter, tweaking the left and the laughs, it's time to use my time a little more wisely. Have too much to do, and DP has become a luxury I can't afford. Sticking around during the primaries and general election would act like a black hole, sucking time in large chunks.

My 2012 Prediction:
Of course... Obama's going to go the way of Carter, I hope he gets beaten like Mondale, but that type of drubbing isn't likely. I think he'll lose by about the same margin he won in 2008.

Obama's problem is he now has a record he cannot run from. Unlike 2008 he can't run from it, but it will be fun to watch him try, and of course continue to blame Bush 43.

I wish everyone good health and happiness.

Keep you chin up... America can be great again.

Be well Y'all. I look forward to sharing election day 2012 with everyone.

Cheers :beer:

wow this board is being flooded by lefttards and you are running off:mrgreen:
yea, this sucks the Left is taking over these boards...
what is the exit line about the good Lord splitting you?
Bye Zimmer. While your gone do us all a favor and read up on what socialism is so when you get back we can actually discuss it.
Kick it, Dog. Wherever you go, kick it.
Goodbye comrade.
Pick up a copy of socialism 101
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