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It's been four long years since I warned liberals about right wing violence

Conservatives hated this post

But as everyone here can see, right wing violence has EXPLODED over the last four years, especially since Trump stole the election, and Conservatives have never condemned any of it. All they say is that it didn't happen, it's overblown, fake news, b-b-b-but Antifa

(Note: you never see Antifa going around shooting up churches or slashing the throats of multiple people while shouting racist rants)

and so on.

Since the last time I was on here, at the end of 2012, this has happened, in line with my predictions:

Police have escalated to killing legions of unarmed black people. And almost always get away with it. (In comparison: cops in Japan and Britain literally NEVER kill unarmed people, and they're doing just fine.)
Black Americans shot dead by police are twice as likely to be unarmed as white counterparts | The Independent

In contrast, white people point guns at cops all the time and aren't killed

Including two white people who walked into a police station, ARMED, and were arrested but didn't die.

Right wing militias have utterly exploded in number and their militancy has gone all but unchecked.

Cliven Bundy and his rebel army pointed actual sniper rifles at FBI agents in the intent to gun them down over land that he refused to pay his grazing fees on. They even talked about using women as human shields. Cliven Bundy also talked about how slavery was better for blacks than welfare. Then his army started harassing drivers coming through on public roads.

Bundy's relatives and buddies went and occupied Federal buildings in Oregon, and were acquitted for this:

Then came Trump. Trump supporters attacked peaceful opponents at their rallies, even going so far as to sucker punch one guy and shove around a black woman. Even the ultra right wing Red State website pointed out the fact that Trump supporters started this cycle of political violence:

Donald Trump endorsed violence against nonviolent people for speaking out against him at his rallies (so much for free speech):

Trump has a history of doing this:

Donald Trump admits his supporters are violent and crazy - this source again being the far right Red State website, not a "biased" liberal snowflake rag:

Since the Trump election:

Republican Congressmen defend white supremacist terrorism, saying we "cannot prevent it" and it's somehow "different" from Islamist terrorism:
To date no Conservative pundit or Congressman (or woman) has publicly condemned white supremacist terrorism in America. All they've done is make excuses.

And pro-Trump political violence is still ongoing:

People of color are being slaughtered from coast to coast by white supremacists. Note: Only ONE of these incidents happened before the 2016 election!
White murder suspect went to NYC to attack blacks, police say | Fox News
White veteran charged with murder of black man as hate crime - CBS News
Dylann Roof pleads guilty to state charges in church massacre - CNN.com

Right wingers are nakedly calling for the slaughter of Muslims:

And gays, too
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...or-introduced-just-calling-gays-EXECUTED.html (note: right wing link, not evil liberal "snowflake" media)
http://www.fox4news.com/news/162636585-story (oh lookie here, another non snowflake liberal media source!)

And then there's the white supremacist terrorist attacks that have been thwarted (8 out of 10 being in America):

In Montana, GOP Republican Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte body slammed a reporter, Ben Jacobs, in an unprovoked attack that even reporters for the right wing Fox News witnessed.

In support of Gianforte's violence, his supporters raised $100,000 immediately for him after his assault on that reporter:

Right Wingers all over the place are celebrating Gianforte's violence and some are even calling for a more violent form of "Christianity":

And of course the Right blames the liberals for unprovoked violence against reporters

Of course, Conservatives have been calling for violence against non-Conservative media reporters for a long time

And let's not forget that Trump tacitly endorses sexual assault of women:

And women who support him SPECIFICALLY back him on this:

We have Neo Nazi and Confederate flags flying with militia groups like Oath Keepers and III% defending them.

And there's far worse nesting and infesting in America's rural areas, ready to launch an armed rebellion if things don't go their way:

I warned people this was all coming. Nobody listened. Now you're out there dying. And you will continue to die at the hands of racists and Trumpanzees because you feel self defense is illegal when it's actually not. But hey, I've done everything I can.

Enjoy the last years of a free America.
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