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Itopia and the Virtual Nation (1 Viewer)



I know I am a new user, but I beleive the following is of high interest to everyone here so I hope you will all read this and consider it. If this is in the wrong section I apologize.

Politics today are mostly left up to career politicans who devote their lives to serving in government, wearing suits and debating about issues with no real concern to them, as the majority of them are upper class and wealthy. I ask, why? Why must they run the world. How can they represent us? The masses who are the real backbone fo the world. I say they can't and thats why I created Itopia, the first virtual nation where anyone can be a politician and where people are not divided by race, borders or social class. We are the first equal opportunity Nation.

It is our goal to become the first reconized virtual nation and to one day become a force in world politics, bringing the power to the people. I ask any and all of you to help us with this cause. we are small now, but that is why I am asking you. With your help we can grow into a formidable power to challenge the current mold of Politics.


If anyone has any questions, either post them here (I will try to answer them promptly) or post them on the site. Thank you for your time, and I hope you help us in this revolution.

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