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Israeli parliament approved the deportation of 40,000 Bedouin from their land

Search the forum, there was already a discussion on this. The number is blown out of proportions

edit, found it:

you are the one who opened this thread, why open another one and spread your lies again?

Since you are refering to your old post I am going to quote it:

from the article:
There is only one Beduin settlement – Wadi el-Naam – that would need to be relocated under the Begin plan, Yogev said, adding that the only reason for this was its proximity to a toxic chemical site.

It continues to amaze me what little constitutes credible evidence for the posters on this section of the site, what you seem unaware of is that Regavim (with its southern region director Yogev) is an extreme rightist organisation that pretty much advocates the destruction of 'illegal' Palestinian homes and buildings be it in the West Bank or elsewhere to stop the so called Arab take over of the Land of Israel.

972 cited on Regavim's website under what the "extreme leftists say about us" says:
Regavim does not deal with settling the land with Jewish Israelis, but rather with the expulsion of the Palestinian population on both sides of the Green Line. The association is active in Area C of the West Bank, in the Negev, the Galilee and the “mixed cities.” In all of these arenas, Regavim has one clear goal: the brutal and selective implementation of planning and construction laws, encouraging the state to demolish Palestinian homes or public buildings. The demolition orders issued lately for the entire Palestinian village of Susya in the South Hebron Hills are the fruit of its labors.
That probably is a source of pride for the organization.

Anyway for the Prawer plan Haaretz says:
A new law meant to relocate nearly 30,000 Bedouin to recognized communities in the Negev was approved in its first Knesset reading on Monday by a slim majority.
A guide for the perplexed: Israel's Bedouin resettlement bill - Features - Israel News | Haaretz

Amnesty International:
The draft “Law for Regularizing Bedouin Habitation in the Negev - 2012”, approved by the previous government, threatens at least 30,000 Bedouin in the country’s southern Negev/Naqab desert with forced eviction from their communities, which have never been officially recognized by the Israeli government.
Israel: New government must scrap plans to forcibly evict Bedouin | Amnesty International

The Guardian
In the coming days, a bill will be introduced in the Israeli parliament which proposes the resettlement of up to 40,000 inhabitants of dozens of "unrecognised" Bedouin villages in the Negev to specially designated townships. On Sunday the cabinet agreed to allow work to begin on 10 new Jewish settlements in the area "to attract a new population to the Negev".

And so on, what I find interesting though is that The Jerusalem Post in the cited article and in their follow up articles on the protests and the plan itself as far as I am aware do not actually provide any analysis about the plans' effect on displacing the Bedouins, they simply repeatedly cite the following;

The Prawer-Begin plan seeks to regulate Arab settlement in the Negev by legalizing ownership to 63 percent of land claimed by Beduin

Also Israeli officials are yet to dispute or elaborate on the numbers being brought up as far as I am aware.

Adalah in its analysis of the 2011 draft (????? - ?????? ???????? ?????? ???? ??????? ??????? ?? ???????)
under criticism;
• No Arab Bedouin was consulted in this planning process
• The planning arrangement prohibits Arab Bedouin citizens of Israel from inhabiting or
claiming land in entire areas of the Naqab
• The proposed solution for Arab Bedouin settlement entails the demolition of most of the
unrecognized villages and the expulsion of 40,000 citizens
• The plan is intentionally vague: it does not contain a map, the names of villages affected or actual
amounts or location of the land

Truah cites the same thing under its critique of the plan;
The plan uses vague and deceptive language, failing to include any maps, names of affected villages, or precise information on the amounts or locations of the affected lands
The Prawer Plan

It seems extremely doubtful given the controversy and opposition this plan generated within and outside Israel that the plan only negatively affects one village (Wadi el-Naam) which mind you for some time now has agreed on relocating due to the waste.
Since you are refering to your old post I am going to quote it:

Thanks for the info but in case you didn't notice, I cited the same source the OP cited, so if the credibility of the source is in question it implies to the whole thread, doesn't it?
The fact is that there is a plan and several beduin settlements will be relocated, saying that 40,000 people will be deported, when your own source says otherwise, and then repeat this claim is not an innocent mistake its deliberate spread of lies.

This plan aims to regulate the beduin settlements in the Negev, the state will hand out land ownership to the beduins and not vice verca. Unlike the OP claims no beduin will be deported from his land because those who can prove ownership to the land already own it and do not need the state to give them state lands. It is also worth noting that beduins in Arab countries do not own the land, an no Arab country tried to regulate their ownership to the land they are sitting on.
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