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Israel vs Jordan's peaceful nuclear program.


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Nov 12, 2009
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By now, it’s no secret to most that HM King Abdullah has publicly accused Israel for its “underhanded” attempts to halt Jordan’s nuclear energy program by pressuring the French and the South Koreans not to sell the country reactors. The King’s message to the Israelis, as voiced in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, has been quite straightforward. “[The Israelis must] mind their own business”.

One can safely assume that Israel is likely responsible for the US’s recent grumblings regarding Jordan’s nuclear ambitions, specifically when it comes to having the ability to produce its own nuclear fuel, which given the discovery of vasts uranium deposits, it can potentially do and will make the project feasible to implement in the long run. How far ahead Jordan is with regards to the nuclear program is a bit ambiguous, but judging by the constant announcements of new nuclear technology deals with foreign companies, as well as agreements with various nations, it’s same to assume the country is on the fast track. And with Khaled Toukan at the helm, I have no doubt that it will be an ambition realized - that is of course unless Israel and the US put an abrupt stop to it.

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