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Israel asks UN to shelve aid ship raid inquiry


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Jun 1, 2006
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BBC News - Israel asks UN to shelve aid ship raid inquiry

Quote(Israel has asked the UN to suspend attempts to organise an international inquiry into a deadly raid on a ship trying to break the blockade of Gaza.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said any inquiry should be shelved because new attempts to breach the blockade were still being organised.)

I somehow cannot believe that the UN will accede to Israel wishes.

The UN Inquiry will continue as will the Israeli Inquiry, what the end results will be with either Inquiry or how the results will be viewed by the World in general is probably dependent on whether one is Arabic or Muslim or Jewish.
In effect nothing will change except views will harden on both sides.
And I don't want the UN to hide the inquiry in to Israels raid. I think the UN has full rights to do so, because people that were allies were on those boats. Nine people are dead, because of Israeli commando's less than botched raid. I really want to know how, and why this happen Israel inquiry is laughable they will find that Israel did nothing wrong like they did WITH Lebanon.
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