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Islam's Supremacist Past Is Its Present


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Aug 27, 2005
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By Patrick O'Brien

We were steadfast trusting in Him;
We saw nothing equal to God in the hour of our danger.
We have a prophet, a true helper,
By whom we can conquer all men1.

So Muhammad ibn Ishaq quoted the poetry of Dirār ibn al-Khattāb ibn Mirdās in his eighth century epic Sirat Rasul Allah (Life of the Apostle of God). It is a poem about the storied "Battle of the Trench" (so-called because the Muslims dug a defensive trench north of Medina) in which the Muslims, led by Muhammad, roundly defeated the Meccan infidels of the Quraysh tribe (Muhammad's own tribe) led by Abu Sufyan. This battle followed the battle of Uhud, wherein the Quraysh routed the Muslims. The Battle of the Trench was the last chance, as it were, to stop the magnificent military conquest machine called Islam.

Invigorated by their triumph over the Quraysh, the Muslims went on to besiege the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe, who were rumored to be plotting against Muhammad. This conflict was a leisurely walk in the sand dunes after the Battle of the Trench. The Muslims were victorious, and upon winning, exhibited the characteristic Islamic contempt for the unbeliever that has lasted to this day through an utter lack of reform in the religion. The vanquished Jews forfeited their property and goods. After their surrender, 600-900 of their men were beheaded in the marketplace of Medina over ditches dug there. The women (who weren't taken as concubines) and children were sold into slavery. Some were sold to buy horses and weapons. The Qur'an succinctly records this horrific tale of massacre, rapine, and enslavement in two verses2:

He [God —ed.] brought down from their strongholds those who had supported them [i.e., the Banu Qurayza Jews who had supported the Banu Quraysh Arabs —ed.] from among the People of the Book [Jews —ed.] and cast terror into their hearts, so that some you slew and others you took captive.

He made you masters of their land, their houses, and their goods, and of yet another land [Khaybar—another conquest over a Jewish community in Arabia —ed.] on which you had never set foot before. Truly, God has power over all things.

This apparently made a significant impression on the Meccan Arabs, as Muhammad then marched into Mecca and, meeting no resistance, triumphantly claimed it in God's name. The rest, of course, is history—a history that anyone with two good eyes and a modicum of common sense can see being written and rewritten in infidel blood today.

This is how the great world religion of Islam was established. It was founded upon a sturdy bedrock of offensive war, unbending intolerance, disdainful devaluation of the infidel, and divine justification for these positions, reinforced by countless military victories under the black banner of jihad. The Muslims were indeed a fearsome and destructive force. The mass transnational conquests that followed the death of their warrior prophet rivaled those of the Romans and the Mongolians, the latter of whom tellingly converted to Islam in 1295. WIthin two hundred years, Muslims had conquered half of the civilized world—quite a legacy for a violent glorified highway robber with delusions of grandeur and an insatiable thirst for power. This spectacular series of Muslim military defeats was fueled by the same three potent motivators that still drive the mujahideen today:

God's ordination in the Qur'an and sunnah, charging Muslims with the holy mission of making His word (i.e., shari'ah law) reign supreme in all lands, over all people, for all times—because they are superior to the enemies of God (the infidels).
The win-win prospects of the mujahid Islamic holy warrior going to war against the infidel: If he lives, he wins glory, material gain, sensual pleasure, and supremacy. If he dies as a martyr for the faith, he wins the same in Paradise—sumptuous banquets with gold plates, wine (non-alcoholic, of course), endless sex with doe-eyed perpetual virgins on luxurious cushions, lush gardens of repose, all as the unbelievers are destined burn in hell.
An ever-increasing (although not so much these days) number of dazzling victories over the unbelievers, confirming God's favor and the efficacy of holy war.
Islam is impervious to reform and is still very much the bellicose, supremacist ideology that it was when its barbarian believers hurtled, sword and Qur'an in hand, out of the Arabian Peninsula toward victory and the demise of every culture and society it encountered. It's still the same, and now it's more dangerous than ever because it has been supremely humiliated by the kuffar (infidels) that Muslims have always looked down upon with disgust. The ferocity of the pride that comes with always winning, especially winning for God, should never be underestimated once it is ground in the dirt of reality. With the final dissolution of the thirteen hundred year-old Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) in 1924—which Muslims attribute to the West's animus toward Islam—the long-smoldering fire of jihad was rekindled anew. To us, it was just business, and we now feel remorse over any suffering we may have caused. To Muslims, it was a resounding slap in the face—the kind of slap they had grown used to giving out.

The undeniable success of the industrial, largely secularized, democratic West effected a painful cognitive dissonance in the Muslim psyche, as it became more and more clear that something had gone terribly awry with God's mission of conquest and subjugation. The supremacy of the infidel on such a grand scale was something that Islam's earlier indomitability had simply not prepared Muslims to face, notwithstanding the protracted death of the sick Ottoman of Europe.

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Jul 31, 2005
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