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Islamic terrorists’ training camps to appear in Javakheti.



According to the Georgian mass media reports, Georgian authorities in the nearest future plans to start building temporal settlements in Javakheti, where allegedly they want to accommodate repatriated Meskhetian Turks. Well, just can you believe in it? Hope you not. Surely there won’t live any of the returned Meshetian Turks – may be just some couple of hundreds at the most for the appearances’ sake, I say. Look, here the Saakashvili’s plan is obvious. Under the guise of building certain settlements in the Armenian populated area he simply plans to deploy another training camp for the Islamic terrorists. At least thus he’ll kill two birds with one stone: will meet his commitments before the international terrorist organizations and simultaneously will gain serious Islamists’ support in his struggle against the increase of Armenian separatist moods in the region. So that’s the game. Armenians in Javakheti should be prepared that their new neighbors are seriously going to disquiet them.
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