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Well apparently I side with Gary Johnson at 84%, which is not surprising.

Candidates you side with...

Gary Johnson 84%
Gary Johnson Libertarian: on domestic policy, foreign policy, economic, social, science, criminal, healthcare, and electoral issues.

Jill Stein 72%
Jill Stein Green: on domestic policy, foreign policy, criminal, science, and electoral issues.

Donald Trump 70%
Donald Trump Republican: on immigration and healthcare issues.

Darrell Castle 67%
Darrell Castle Constitution: on domestic policy, social, immigration, and criminal issues.

Hillary Clinton 57%
Hillary Clinton Democratic: on criminal and electoral issues.

I usually vote Libertarian Party, but this election is too important in regards to SCOTUS appointments, and my 2A rights are at risk.

So will I vote for Gary Johnson? No, not unless the polls show he has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Until then I will vote for Trump.
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I want a "do over." This can't be correct. And, Darrell WHO, of the Constitution Party?

93% - Donald Trump
on immigration, foreign policy, domestic policy, criminal, electoral, education, economic, environmental, and healthcare issues.

85% - Gary Johnson
on domestic policy, immigration, foreign policy, economic, education, science, healthcare, environmental, and social issues.

84% - Darrell Castle
on domestic policy, immigration, electoral, economic, education, social, and healthcare issues.

25% - Hillary Clinton
on science and social issues

20% - Jill Stein
on education and social issues.

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