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Is there spiritual purpose to life or r we merely disposable vehicles for our genes?


Jun 9, 2005
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I believe it's very hard and depressing to comprehend that we as humans are just animals; clumps of carbon that will soon decompose. So, in hopes of settling our depressed minds people create a reason to live, a better life afterwords, a religion.

I believe when we're dead, we're dead. Electric impluses to the brain stop, organs cease to work, and we die. It's hard to understand and accept.

But, that is only what I believe.
Merely the disposable vehicles of our genes??? Some might argue the point that that is no small thing.

However, one avenue a person might pursue is the nature of cognition. How does cognition arise? Does it come into existence where it did not exist once the proper chemical and electrical interactions combine? Does it exist prior to those things, and what is its precise relationship to the brain, then?

I believe the fundamental question with regard to spirituality is, "How do we come to KNOW?" That is to say, What is the thing that gives rise to knowing?

Religions and philosophies will stand or fall based on the scientific answer, once we have one, and assuming we can have one.
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