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Is there a way to save a draft, without publishing?


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May 14, 2020
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I find myself writing long drafts in preview mode, that I don't want to commit right away, and after short periods of time, I get kicked out and have to re-login to complete.

Rather than go through that tedious process every time, is there a method to just store a draft somewhere, so I can edit at my perusal and recall quickly if I"m kicked off?

I realize I can draft in another program somewhere, but the best preview editor on how it will look is already here.
If I'm going to write a long post (rare) I write it out on word first then when I'm satisfied I copy and paste it into my post.

At the top of the page when you're logged out, if you click the box that says "Remember Me" when logging in, you won't ever get kicked out.
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