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Is the media in general including fox news trying to help Obama geta 2nd term?


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Jul 31, 2005
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Is the media in general including fox news trying to help Obama get a 2nd term? It looks to me like to me they are trying to prop up Palin to run against Obama in 2012. Basically they are deliberately propping up a doomed candidate to give Obama his 2nd term. Seeing how Palin quit being governor of Alaska she is damaged goods.She might as will be the republican who hands the media his own gay sex tape. All the democrats have to do is run commercials of people calling Obama everything from Kenyan,Muslim to dirty old man(that picture where it looks like he is checking out jailbait ass) and how he did not quit or run commercials where the enemy has attacked and there is the question "you know Obama will stick around when things get tough, but will Palin".
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