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Is the American Dream Dead?


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Apr 25, 2009
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Riverside, County, CA.
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I believe 100% that if you asked Obama, or most Liberals they
would most likely tell you it is dead, and it's President Bush's

I believe the American Dream can only die in the individual, one
Dream at a time, then spread to others like a cold, which is how
I see it going today.

I would go further and say that if it is dying, it's not limited to
economics, and it's not a natural death, it's rather murder, and a
slow death that was started by Liberal Progressives many years

ago, and then was aided by almost everyone else through apathy,
and out of fear of ridicule, or pressure to accept the
Socialist/Progressive ideology, and false claims of tolerance from
the most intolerant amongst us, and political correctness.

The very same people who claim the high ground of human rights,
will fight to allow the murder of the unborn child to cover for their
irresponsible acts that cause an unwanted out come, rather than
facing the music or learning to be responsible.

They fight the death penalty for even mass murderers claiming
cruel and unusual punishment, and yet fight for "Late term
Abortions" which is another way to say murder the Baby,
because at that point it's a human being. I won't go into the details
of the barbaric murder.

These things contribute to the death of the Dream.

We have been told that Welfare was instituted to help minorities
because they have been held back repressed etc. and we need
to make up for it.

The truth is Welfare was created because Liberal Southern
Democrats saw they were losing their control over the Back
population and they were looking for another method to maintain
control, and what better way than to make people dependent while
the whole time claiming it's for their own good, because it's not
their fault. You poor poor thing, you are being oppressed and
held back by those evil Conservatives, so take this free money
housing etc. and us Democrats will save you.

Not only is it all a lie but but it's worse than that because
Conservatives are the ones who ended Slavery, fought for civil
rights, and forced enforcement of the resulting laws.

All this lovely welfare and we get to pay for it and the system
continues to grow day by day and the lies continue, because
the Democrats, while being the racists are clever in that they
have been able to push expensive programs that end up holding
back minorities but they get those same minorities to vote for
Democrats to keep them in power and keep holding them back.

All of today's Democrats don't even realize what they signed
onto. They believe they are on the side of good fighting evil.

Social Security is another problem. This system was meant
for old widow women, and not for people to count on as the
sole means of support.

You were not supposed to live long enough to receive Social
Security because when the Progressives thought it up the
Average American would die before they to 65, but now we
live longer, and the system is going bankrupt. In part from us
living longer but what they don't talk about any more is all the

money stolen from the system and never repaid.
In 1973 I was paying enough into Social Security that by Sept.
I had paid the maximum for the year and it was like getting a
raise. Today I don't believe there is a maximum, and the
percentage of what you must pay keeps going up.

The S.S. system need to be privatized with strict laws
governing it's implementation.

As to Tax's contribution to the murder? Maximum income taxes
until Ronald Reagan changed it were over 70% for some
Americans and he knocked them back to more reasonable rate.
Still it's too high but more reasonable.

Th Government is charging us more to give us less while
claiming it's more. Obama is the king at this type of hoax but
didn't invent income taxes.

What is needed is a Statesman who can see clearly what is
needed and and it able to articulate it to "WE THE PEOPLE" in
a away that the masses get it.

Not another Obama, who doesn't give a darn about anything
except Obama and he is Rooted in Marxism by way of Black
Liberation Theology and my friends that is as Ant-American

Dream as one can get.

The "American Dream" is built on hope for the future and our
economy is what has built America and our economy grows
based on that dream and real hope, the hope that investments
will create a greater return, and all of this is killed when people
like the "Trifecta of Doom, Obama, Pelosi, Reid," and others
raise taxes, promote new programs that have massive cost and
no return, like "Cash for Clunkers." When there is no reason
to dream and the spiral down begins to gain speed.

All the talk from Obama about how bad the economy was and
is, only adds to the problem. We need hope to regain the Dream
and with that comes recovery, if accompanied by reduced
spending, lower taxes and less not more regulations from the
States, and the Feds on businesses.

And it also requires a smaller less intrusive, and more open and
honest Government from the top to the bottom. Government needs
to be reduced by 25% to start with, and unions are like the mafia
or cartels and need to be outlawed as they are a large part of
Government costs.

You cannot tell me with a straight face you think the Union
Government Employees you last dealt with were efficient. If you
can you're 1 in million, especially at every DMV office.

We need to reverse the "Obama I Don't Care About Your
Health Kill Granny Plan" because it's not a positive thing or
anything close, and will do more to kill the dream than anything
to date other than the Bailouts and Community Reinvestment Act
(CRA), enacted in 1977.

What need reform on the rules for Congress, like baring all gifts
of any kind or cost from lobbyists, baring them from writing any
portion of any legislation, baring any member of the House or
Senate from being a lobbyist ever or at least for 5 years after
leaving office.

Limit term of office to 12 years and no pension what ever. All
medical insurance in both Houses should be the same as a
Private First Class in the Army and their pay should never
exceed that of an Army Captain.

That would save a fortune right there. The insurance and pay are not 100% my ideas I added on to Glenn Becks. I just got more specific.

As it was said in the Song from the Sound of Music: "These are
a few of my favorite things"

There is much more that needs to be said and done and sooner
rather than later.

I believe just announcing there was going to be a fight to achieve these goals would stimulate the Economy almost over night.
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