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Is protesting important in America

It is our right as Americans to do so. It is important because without protesting, many things would never have been found out/investigated. It is extremely important.
Yes it is quite important. It is protected by the Constitution and it is our right and duty to do so. I think it also empowers the people. Sometimes change can only come around with the help of protestors.
Protest! Protest! Protest!
Back in the radical sixties
It was hippies and tambourines
It was mud and nudity
It was gigs in fields of green
It was a changing society
And that was cool, but these are different times
Miracles happen by the hour
Science can make a flower
And the people got the power
So cheer up and don’t be dour
My angry friend!

All you wanna do is Protest! Protest! Protest!
Could you be more introspective?
Protest Protest! Protest! It’s only you that’s suspect
That negative attitude will get you nowhere…

I know it must have been easy
When everyone was ready to shout
There was much to complain about
Just get the guitar out
It was “Nixon And Agnew Out!”
Or whatever, but attitudes have changed
And we’re happy in the herd
Now the enemy’s blur
Prick us and we purr
It’s time to choose your words
A bit more wisely


Just look at the world around you
We have what we are fighting for
I mean lotteries and more
And the rest is best ignored
Cos there’s much more fun in store
After these messages, You’re free to sing your song
But watch the things you say
No negativity today
For the times they have a-changed
And then they’ve a-changed back again
And we barely noticed


written by John Wesley Harding
(Plangent Visions Music, Inc.
Not only is it important, it is you DUTY as a citizen of the United States, a country that was founded on dissent, to do so.

"Dissention was the seed of OUR PATRIOTISM, from which OUR country
was born!"
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Yes, I agree that protesting is very important.
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