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Is Peter W. Smith The Other Criminal Case Mentioned in Flynn Memo? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 21, 2013
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While watching and reading the analysis of the Flynn Memo last night, I came upon a name one of the talking heads (an Ex-FBI Agent) mentioned: Peter W. Smith.

Mr. Smith was a GOP Operative who was seeking out the Clinton Emails, and he died around some pretty suspicious circumstances. As much as Smith wanted people to think that he was working on an independent operation he has had dealings with all the usual characters: Stone, Papadopoulos, Corsi, and of course Michael Flynn. In particular Papadopoulos, Smith, and Ed Burker (another financier who just got raided) were all living in Chicago at the time. Smith sold himself as working on behalf of one Michael Flynn as he tried to fund raise for the project.

Peter Smith who was seemingly another crook who labeled himself richer than he was, was raising money for the effort and raised $100K weeks before his untimely death. I will note here that the authorities ruled his death a suicide and no fowl play was suspected. However, for nearly a year there has been no other inquires into his death and it has since gone under the radar despite the weird way in which he died.

Smith was found with weights on his oxygen tank, a helium pipe leading directly into him, and a paper bag on his head with a non-suicide note saying: This is a suicide and he was worried about his insurance running out. Yup that's weird coupled with the fact that he just started recovering from heart surgery, raised $$$ for a new project and all of his colleagues were shocked to hear of his death. Does that sound like a man who was depressed and ready to die? That's kind of odd considering he sold himself as a billionaire and billionaires don't usually raise $$$ for projects or worry about insurance costs.

So why did I jump to Trump's or Putin's clan doing a hit job on this guy knowing that depressed people usually don't tell people when they will commit suicide and that another associate Charles Ortel has not been asked anything by Mueller? Because, we know about the countless other investigations going on. The SDNY Cohen stuff which Mueller has worked with, the various states working on Trump emoluments, the Democrats seeking Trump tax returns etc... We know all of that so there isn't seemingly any reason for Mueller to redact that.

So what if Mueller shot down any and all inquires related to Mr. Smith's death, or at least relayed them to his office. This could very well be the criminal case Mueller is working on and a murder or hit job would certainly be big enough to warrant 19 interviews and half the report redacted.

Here's some more information related to Smith

So I see two, really three scenarios here for the cause of Peter W. Smith's death and none of them good or innocent.

1. Trump's inner circle killed him
2. Putin's people killed him.
3. Something caused himself to commit suicide. Something that has yet to be released to the public that Mueller now knows about. Maybe he discovered something really bad about the people he was dealing with or had a deadline he couldn't meet/was about to get arrested etc...
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