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Is Insurance more Expensive in Black Neighborhoods?


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Sep 12, 2019
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In light of current conditions I would say yes. It's all about risk. Want to live in a flood zone? Fine. You'll pay for them to assume that risk. Might find it hard to insure period.

Black neighborhoods pay 20% more in renters insurance.

With the recent Black Lives Matter protests much of society has been re-examining explicit and implicit sources of discrimination against Black people in America. What are the conscious and unconscious ways our society and economy harm Black citizens?

Housing and its associated cost has historically played a critical role in institutionalizing racism and segregation. Even insurance companies have historically discriminated against Black people through processes like redlining where they refused to write policies in certain neighborhoods, thus making housing more expensive or challenging to acquire.

As an insurance provider ourselves, we wanted to examine data to see how race impacts the price of insurance. We asked: is renters insurance more expensive if you live in a predominantly Black neighborhood than if you live in a predominantly white one?

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