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Is God cancelling out Turkey move into EU?


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May 31, 2005
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By: J. Grant Swank, Jr.
RightConservative.com 05-31-05

In the last several days, the EU Council of 46 concluded to establish a law that made criticizing Islam a crime throughout Europe. The Council referred to "Islamophobia" as being criminal activity.

All this was initiated by Turkey.

Turkey prides itself on being a totally secular nation, though it is in fact very much a Muslim nation. Yet it downplays its Muslim religion because of the bad press Islam is getting? Therefore, Turkey tries to have the world conclude that it is not really a rabid Islamic country; instead it is a secular country to the core.

However, obviously it is very much a Muslim power seeking to infiltrate the European Union. Already it has convinced the EU Council that to state anything critical about Islam could land one in jail or worse. Does that make Turkey a totally secular nation? Or does not that make Turkey an Islamic state seeking to overcome the world for Allah?

But now that the French have negated the EU constitution, Turkey may be in limbo.

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