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Is Fox News influencing readers, or is it simply serving a niche?



If you read the Fox News website, you can see the political persuasions of its most outspoken readers within the "comments" section. Obviously the way stories are reported have SOMETHING to do with reader response. For example, Fox did not heavily cover the republicans blocking the extension to unemployment, but recently there was an article on the front page about millions of Americans going without food because their unemployment ran out. Predictably, the reader comments criticized the Obama administration and the few who presented facts were shut down by the many who called for impeachment and revolution. So I'm curious, do the crazies flock to Fox News because it gives them what they want, or does Fox produce radicalized, ignorant readers by feeding normal readers misinformation and bias?

And now for a shameless plug: for a taste of the absolute ridiculousness and disconnection from reality of some of these readers, check out my blog:

More Wrong Than Right
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