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Is Bill Gates on to Something with Promoting Poultry for the Poor?

Is Bill Gates Onto Something with Helping the Impoverished Raise Poultry?

  • Gates is on something not onto something. This is a terrible bandaid.

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  • No! Bill Gates is setting up the next poultry empire that wil take over the world!

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  • Bill Gates should stick to handing out money.

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  • I came for the chickens...or other...

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Why I Would Raise Chickens - Bill Gates

So does Bill Gates' foundation have an idea here that could really help?
Is chicken farming a solution or the start of a solution to the impoverished?

Other thoughts?

Oh. He is certainly onto something. The poor in Asia live with their chickens. That is why virtually all newer strains of flue originate in that area. ;)
I can't open the link. But his foundation has a pretty good track record of " teaching people to fish" vice just giving them fish.
Chickens, are a good choice, they can eat insects, and many types of grass seed that are not
able to be consumed by humans. (Duckweed is a good example).
From a very practical stand point, chickens convert unused fodder into high protein food
for almost no costs.
If you look at the people who try to be completely self sustaining, chickens are almost always part of the mix.
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