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Iraq election, finally over - Bush congradulates Iraq canidates


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Source: Boston.com

WASHINGTON (AP) The Bush administration said Monday it looks forward to working with Iraq's new leaders and said the United States is confident that Baghdad is committed to an ''inclusive and representative'' government.

President Bush issued a congratulatory message as a coalition dominated by Shiite Islamic parties emerged with the most votes from Iraq's historic election.

''The world saw long lines of Iraqi men and women voting in a free and fair election for the first time in their lives,'' he said Sunday. ''The United States and our coalition partners can all take pride in our role in making that great day possible.''

White House press secretary Scott McClellan, at a press briefing Monday, echoed Bush's upbeat tone. ''We look forward to working with the new government and supporting them as they move forward ... on putting the leadership in place, drafting a constitution and then holding an election at the end of the year for a permanent representative government.'' He quoted an Iraqi leader as saying there would not be a Shiite or an Islamic government and that Iraqis were working for a democratic leader. ''I think Iraqi leaders have shown they are committed to a government that is inclusive and representative,'' McClellan said.
vauge said:
And the socialist-lib-Dems and their media apologists said it would ever happen. Have any of them stepped up to congratulate the President for engineering this magnificent accomplishment?
Yep, excellent point.
I wouldn't expect it either, unless it was politically necessary of course. And, at this point in time, it is not.

In 3 years we will hear daily how the dems put a new man in office in Iraq. If it wasn't for thier vote FOR THE WAR...blah blah blah...
vauge said:
In 3 years we will hear daily how the dems put a new man in office in Iraq. If it wasn't for thier vote FOR THE WAR...blah blah blah...

More specifically - Hillary will be saying that.
There is a saying.

"Don't count your chickens before they've hatched." :|
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