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Iraq Democracy Project is Dead and Buried


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Aug 27, 2005
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Liberals never got right the reasons Bush invaded Iraq. To this day, they keep drumming the war for oil theme, when the facts show that we dont get much of our own oil from that area, and that extraction from the Alberta tar sands is already underway, which will result in all the oil we need.

Yes, "No war for oil" does sound like a nice rallying cry for those on the left, but it could not be more wrong. By ignoring the real reason for the Iraq fiasco, the left is rightly (no pun intended - well, maybe) being made out to be a lunatic fringe group, while the Neocons continue, like lemmings, to suicide the United States of America over what amounts to a fairy tale.

The fairy tale? Once upon a time, there were nasty dictators running the Middle East. The United States, wanting to keep its position as the sole unchallenged world superpower saw an opportunity to not only keep its edge, but at the same time, bring Democracy to those nations. Actually, it was thought that the process of bringing Democracy to the Middle East would help cement the US position as the world's only superpower. The plan was to invade Iraq, install Democracy there, and like a stack of dominoes, the other nations of the Middle East would also succumb to Democracy.

Like any other fairy tale, this one was also not true, but Pollyanna, disguised as the Project for the New American Century, could not see beyond its own Machiavellian purposes, and realize that it is one thing to create what they consider to be an ideal situation, and another to cope with the realities of implementing that ideal.

Yes, even before 911, the plan to invade Iraq was in the works, and not only was it ill conceived, but it was also ill planned. Today, we see the results, which Bush's own father had warned about when he pulled back from Baghdad during the Gulf War.

But dont take my word for it. Read the following interview of Francis Fvkiyama, who was one of the founders of PNAC. He has written a book called "America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy", which debunks not only Neoconservatism in general, but of the conceited and foolhardy plan to bring the Middle East around to the American way.

Superman had his kryptonite. Bush has Iraq.

Interview is here.
aquapub said:
Another biased partisan stretches the Truth to project doom and despair for America.

I didnt know Fransic Fvkiyama was a partisan for the left. You had better brush up on your politics.
My_name_is_not_Larry said:
Loser Conspiracy Theorist With No Life strikes again!

I didnt know Fransic Fvkiyama was a conspiracy theorist with no life. You had better brush up on your politics. Loser? You just lost this debate, and with your very first post in the thread. Now THAT is losing.
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